Naked Mozart


Naked Mozart formed in May 2008 bringing together the two very different worlds of Classical and Experimental Music. All too often underground/ experimental/noise musicians and classical musician can not find common ground because of different backgrounds, philosophies or ascetics. The newfangled approach of Naked Mozart takes bold steps to bridge these seemingly opposite worlds with unique style and performance.

Chiko graduated from Kunitachi College of Music in Japan and is a violinist in the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra. Working full time with the orchestra she manages to find time to engage in various continuing study programs and private concerts. Recently she has begun to experiment using violin in personal coaching and other self improvement techniques. Collaborating in Naked Mozart allows her to explore the world of improvisation.

Donald has been involved in various music and performance groups since 1980 when his long running band Three Day Stubble was formed in Missouri City, Texas. Improvisation and experimentation are mainstays in Donald’s music and performances, however, now combined with refined classical focus and standing out from the cover of rock instrumentation a whole new type of nudity is explored and imposed.

Featuring classical vocals and loop compositions by Nudie Pie (aka Donald the Nut) with violin including improvised and cut up scores by Chiko Choko (aka Tomoko Kinoshita)

Newfangled Classical Music

Nudie Pie
Chiko Choko